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So glad to see Marina's forum back again. Just found out about it. Thank you. Long time fan, especially of her character Deanna Troi and glad Deanna and Will finally got married. She was a riot in Picard, especially when Worf came into the scene and started reciting poetry and she said, "Oh how sweet" and Will says to Worf, "Inappropriate!" That scene was a riot! I got my degree in psychology because of her character.

A little about me. I'm a vegetarian and a mother of two grown sons, from my first marriage. I also raised my sons on ST. Fan of Star Trek since both of us were born. Ok that sounds weird, but we both came into the earth the same year and my mother watched it with me since it came out, so yeah, I'm slightly older by maybe 6 months, but I'm unashamed of my age, even though I hate it. Scotty was our boyfriend. My best friend and I play Star Trek on the play ground. We fought over who would play Uhura. I always got stuck with Nurse Chapel. Frankly, even though I love Nichelle Nichols too, I think I got the better end of the deal on the playground now that I'm grown. After all, that very same voice was not only Chapel who adored Spock, but the Cat person on the Animated Series, the computer voice, married to Gene, so she was First Lady of Trek, and best of all, she was Lwaxana Troi, mother of Deanna Troi. I'm an Imzadian, BonCer, J/Cer, O/K, Chapel/Spock, all around shipper. I like DS9 and TOS, and I love VOY, but heart is with TNG. My husband is also a Trekker. He's a Vulcan and I'm a Betazoid. Over 30 years ago a few years after my divorce, he put an ad in the Communicator (a defunct ST mag now), I answered. We wrote for years, eventually met at a ST Con, eventually he became my second husband in 2015. We had a humanist wedding with vows that included Star Trek in them, which if you can find my youtube channel you can see the video. He's hard to hear, doesn't know how to project his voice because he so shy. In fact, I called him stoic, more so than a Vulcan, after we met and he begged me for another chance, promising he'd do better next we met. Eventually, I said, "We'll he's no Will Riker, but I'll have him." He's not a perfect Imzadi, but he's my Imzadi. My older son has for a long time said, "MOM! You ARE Lwaxana Troi!" "Because you walk into a room," he says, "you always command it, much like Lwaxana." Even my husband has become accustome to the "Lwaxana thing" that when something happens, he says, "What did you do now?" So there you go. The two women who I consider rolemodels are Majel Barrett Roddenberry (I miss her) and Marina Sirtis. Majel is like a mother I never met. RIP Wood Dove. Marina is great too and I only wish she were my sister. I'm an only child and my rolemodels I often wish were family. I was also an only grandchild on my mother's side. Yeah, no. It's not that great, though watching my two sons, I've noticed siblings aren't always that great either, so the grass isn't always greener.


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